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Dark Souls III builds upon the strengths of previous From Software games

by Vlad Tudorie on August 7, 2015

What’s waiting for us from From Title’s anticipated Dark Souls III title, coming 2016?

In all honesty, I’m very much a Souls fanboy

I love Dark Souls and Demons Souls. When I played them, I ran right across a perfect mix of gameplay, depth, challenge, frustration and engagement that I didn’t know I was craving.

So the material up online based on the E3 presentation has been recently beefed up by the Gamescom trailer and announcements, and everything about it touches on lots of things we loved in previous games and were hoping would be even more improved and honored in future titles.

The added complexity of the newer weapon arts, and gameplay mechanics variations generated by them, the extra pressure from the heightened pace of the game compared to the previous Souls games, while having to stay constantly cautious, guarded and attentive, reliance on reflexes and dodging, combined with the apparently fixed hitbox detection, is just screaming out “Come play me, I’ll kill you dead, but you’ll like the challenge!”

Speaking of weapon arts, you get 20 uses between bonfires, so it’s not like they’re an infinite resource. One more awesome tool to keep track of and make sure you never run out of at a critical moment.

The beautiful level design patterns of Dark Souls 1, full of twisting paths, intuitive shortcuts, verticality and flow is back, and I can’t wait to experience that kind of design awe again.

The Estus mechanic is back to Dark Souls 1 similarities and the annoying over-abundant gems seem to not be coming back, but like usual, don’t let enemies hard-stomp you while you take a sip of health.

The Backstab mechanic appears to bring some of that satisfyingly devastating potential in DS 1, while having much narrower windows to trigger, making it even more a question of reflexes, anticipation, skill and timing, especially there are considerably more enemies employing counter-backstab abilities against the player.

The Epitaphs sound like a very nice touch, making suggestions of lore that tie in subtle ways to the game universe.

The roll in Dark Souls III isn’t quite as swift Bloodborne sidesteps, far better than Dark Souls 2.

This is Dark Souls III – fast, brutal, streamlined – straight out of Hidetaka Miyazaki’s playpen. Check it out.

Are you excited about Dark Souls III? Let us know about your opinions and expectations in the comments section. If you intend to purchase Dark Souls III, you can help us out by using our affiliate link (PS4/XBOX One selection available).

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