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PiPO Work-W9S Laptop Preview

by Vlad Tudorie on June 13, 2016

The PiPO Work-W9S tries to be an actual laptop for about 210$ when discounted, and in all seems to be better at it than many mainstream entry-level brands.

PiPO Work-W9S Laptop (3)

It features the same Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 CPU as the Cube iWork 10, the same 4GB DDR3L memory and 64GB storage, a much more sizeable 10000mAh battery, but matches that with a disastrous 1366×768 LCD screen choice in a 14″ wide frame.

This PC comes equipped with Windows 10, which really does seem like a holy grail for cheap Chinese computers these days, allowing them better compatibility with modern apps world-wide.

The design is pretty much a copy of a Macbook, which does have the advantage of looking pretty stylish. 2cm thickness and a weight of 1.48KG makes it very slim and light for a 14 incher, and great for on-the-road use.

PiPO Work-W9S Laptop (1)

Those 10000mAh in the battery might allow this PC a decent amount of runtime, at maybe over 6 hours.

The Wireless connectivity is represented by a faster 802.11a/b/g/n/ac option, which is great for speed, matched with a Bluetooth 4.0 radio.

The laptop only features a 0.3MP webcam, which is as barebones as can get. 2 USB 2.0 ports, a TF card slot and a HDMI port alongside a headphone jack form the base of its connectivity options.

In all, it’s a base-entry, admittedly stylish PC with what might end up as decent battery life and memory and can serve as a decent secondary-PC for emergencies, guests or kids.

What we worry about are two aspects: the storage which appears to be of the eMMC kind (the lifespan of which might not be very long) and the battery, of which we have no way of knowing how long it might keep its capacity. Hopefully we’ll get a review sample to play around with and test.

The Pipo Work-W9S is currently discounted at GearBest as part of their Intel Special promotion.

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