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The most dangerous military rapid deployment forces

by Jack Napier on July 14, 2015

Our world is extremely dangerous, with bomb threats or explosions in subways or train stations making headlines, in news, blogs and television. We are a violent race, but still a race that holds on to things like personal integrity and social structure, so we’ve set up military rapid deployment task forces to deal with these threats.

These groups are the way we, ordinary people, can feel protected by terrorist threats. There are people who train and hone their instincts and physical shape to near-perfection, who keep their minds always keen and senses awake to what is happening around them. So in that vein, below we’ve listed the most dangerous military rapid deployment forces in the world!

American Navy SEALS

Navy SEALS task force members

This unit is part of the US Naval Special Warfare Command, the SEALs name coming from Sea, Air and Land, thus being an abbreviation of the places in which these special troops can intervene. Which is… pretty much everywhere. In most cases, SEAL teams are sent on sensitive missions, with teams composed of a small number of combatants, trained well enough to operate in any kind of terrain or situation. The team members, few as they are, rely on skills built over grueling training as well as extensive experience, in order to carry out their missions. SEALS are considered some of the most effective intervention forces around the globe.

Danish Frogman Corps

Danish navy special forces

Although we are talking about a pretty young group compared with other groups in this top, the Danish Frogman Corps also rank among the most dangerous military rapid deployment forces in the world. Established in 1957, based on a model borrowed from English SBS troops, these teams were part of the Holmen naval base in Copenhagen until 1970, at which point they were converted into a freestanding unit. Today, the Danish Frogman Corps are considered worldwide as an elite team in several areas, such as diving, brief interventions, tactical extractions and commando ops. Denmark still will not report the number of active soldiers in this special unit, but we can say that the Danish Frogman Corps specialize in fighting terrorism, rapid response special operations, and can sometimes take part in law enforcement operations along police forces and in extreme cases, they are the first response in the event of a natural disaster.

British Special Air Service

British SAS troops

Players of Call of Duty or Battlefield might be familiar with this military group, known by the abbreviation SAS. A unit founded in 1941, transformed in 1950 into a self-contained military unit. SAS is recognized internationally as one of the most effective intervention teams in the world, exchanging training and experience with other such units in regularly organized programs. From reconnaissance, to parachuting behind enemy lines, guerrilla, commando tactics, anti-terrorism to hostage rescue, SAS is one of the most complete teams in this ranking, with both tradition and world renown. Another interesting element is that the SAS carry a knife called Fairbairn on the coat of arms of their three regiments, the knife itself in use by this unit since the Second World War.

MOBA players

eSports team members

MOBA intervention troops have some extremely obscure roots. These rapid response forces can be found wherever there is an article or commentary about DOTA 2 and/or League of Legends, turning comments sections into bloodbaths. The number of victims, collateral or otherwise, is sometimes astronomical on either side of the barricades. They are considered more dangerous than religious fanatics, defending the games they represent to their last breaths, most often in blind rage. Either Defence of Terrestrial and Aerial 2 or League of Legends Army, both fall into the category of most dangerous military rapid response groups in the world, showing up immediately once someone starts a discussion about one of two most popular MOBA’s on the planet. At which point, as the saying goes: All hell breaks loose!

Anti-PC Rapid Response Troops

Console enthusiasts

Known by the acronym C-FAG (Console Fanboy Army Group), Anti-PC rapid response troops are most often on the riding on the edge between terrorism and military ops. Like MOBA players, C-FAGs are often likened to religious fanatics, always ready to give their lives for the cause they believe in, the only difference between them MOBA players as C-FAG most often come from bleak origins, as reported by The Escapist, with prominent historian Yahtzee referring to this group as “Dirty Console Gaming Peasants.”

A single member can decimate an entire forum, YouTube channel or website. They’re determined and extremely dangerous, especially when cornered, each member wearing a vest equipped with flame war and TNT, and inscribed with one of three emblems: “Nintendo Rulez” – “Xbox is Live” – ‘Sony ‘za best”.

C-FAGs are today one of the most radical military groups in the world, but also one of the most dangerous, each C-FAG trooper willing to go Kamikaze if the situation requires it!

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