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Top 3 book-inspired games

by Jack Napier on May 14, 2014

Books! We all still have a library or a stack of favorite books, although some of us use them only to heighten the monitor’s position, or in extreme cases may read one when an exam pops up. For others they are a unique source of culture and of… inspiration.

Unlike some gamers, game creators have used this power seriously so we offer an excellent Top 3 games inspired by books. Because, some people say, literature makes you smarter!

Rank 3rd is American McGee’s Alice.

Whether it’s the classic game based on the Quake engine, or the most recent title, both games are an example of doing it right. American McGee, creator of the games, is an industry veteran, working on famous titles like Quake or Doom 1, but also owning a reputation of being one of the more… unusual creators.

Both games are based on the story of Alice in Wonderland, only twisted and re-imagined as a horror story, where Alice is a teenage girl who skillfully wields a knife. The story is dark, full of suspense and well-made action sequences, and in our opinion it is less a copy of the book, and more of a masterpiece reinterpretation.

2nd place is awarded to: The Witcher Series.

Although the first game had some launch hurdles, it is another example of a title that started as a book character and generated a huge virtual world, based on the novel series.

We have a hunter of undead and other nightmares, with a mysterious past, who travels around wielding two swords, and everything is condensed within a sensational action-RPG with fantasy elements. Although the author of the books, Andrzej Sapkowski, is not the biggest fan of the games – considering that they do not reflect the novels as well as they could – they are huge successes, with a very well written story, narrative ups and downs, unexpected turns of events and excellent gameplay.

In 1st place we have: Metro 2033.

Originally a post-apocalyptic novel by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky, Metro 2033 is the blueprint for a proper game adaptation to a book. In fact, it is one of the few games inspired by a book that faithfully respects the original. The action takes place in nuclear-war-torn Russia, where the people have taken refuge in old Moscow metro stations, our hero Artyom being the first child born in this underground network.

From here to the exceptional Metro 2033 the road was long and hard, the project being almost cancelled at one point, but the development team was so dedicated that they managed to bring to light one of the most memorable and well-storied games of the last ten years. It’s an instant classic therefore the best game inspired by a book.

If we know great games inspired by books, which I have not mentioned them waiting on Facebook or in the comments section.

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