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Top 5 characters we want to see in Injustice 2

by Jack Napier on May 27, 2014

Injustice 2 has just been announced, so we decided to draw up a Top 5 to “help” producers choose the next character lineup in the title. Injustice 1 had some shortcomings, so today we will line up the top 5 characters we want to see in Injustice 2.

5th place is taken by WildCat.Wildcat

This character can be mistaken for Batman-without-the-cape, but the differences are quite obvious at a closer look. A former boxer and experienced fighter, Wild Cat, although getting on in years, still has some vigor for an old man and wrestles down even Batman himself, his experience being his greatest strength.

4th place is for Black Canary.Black Canary

The logic of including this heroine is simple. She can knock you on your ass from a few meters away using just her supersonic screaming. Black Canary was on track for inclusion in the first game, but fate wan’t in her favor. So we hope from the bottoms of our souls that one of the best laid out DC heroines after Wonder Woman is included in Injustice 2.

3rd place goes to Red Hood.Red Hood

Jason Todd, the second Robin, is a must-have in this game. Besides the fact that the comic narrative arcs earns him a place in this game, we add the fact that he is the only component of the Batman family that uses firearms and knives, and so we have an unique character to round up the DC Comics cast of heroes. He’s a sort of DC Comics’ Punisher if you will, only wearing a red pumpkin on his head. Pretty obvious explanation really.

Ranked in 2nd: Atrocius.Atrocius

The Lantern spectrum is broad, and just as Hall Jordon, the Green Lantern, represents willpower, Atrocius, the Red Lantern, represents anger. He is brutal, possesses physical strength on par with a super hero, moreover, he can be the perfect counter for a green or yellow lantern, both present in the game. He is extremely interesting as a character and for his story. Red Lanterns, although new, are popular enough that we hope we’ll see some in Injustice 2. May we add that they look really scary?

In 1st place: Darkseid.Darkseid

I do not understand why DC Comics have chosen to include him in the mobile version, but not on consoles or PC’s, but Darkseid is absolutely necessary in the next Injustice game. He is the only rival for Superman outside of Zod, can make a planet kneel by frowning at it, but more than all that, he could be the best choice for a main villain in the game universe. Although Darksied is extremely powerful, he has been included in other DC Comics titles in the past, so we’re hoping to give him a warm welcome in Injustice 2, so we may delight in his awesomeness.

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