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Top 5 games eating your life away

by Jack Napier on May 28, 2014

Games are serious business. They can eat a lot of your time if you take them seriously, and MMO’s excel at this. Some MMOs drag you in so hard you forget about school. Or work. So I created a top 5 addictive series!

Ranked in 5th is: The Borderlands Series.

Gearbox Studios, the creators, have had great success with the first title, but the second installment is the icing on the cake. Regardless of which part you play, Borderlands is Diablo 2 with guns. Many guns. So many that you need around 1000 hours to collect all the unique weapons, if we’re including DLC’s. It’s a simple concept, but can eat an extremely long amount of time.

Ranked 4th are: The Elders Scrolls series.

Elder Scrolls has been a fan favorite. Mods keep coming out all the time, even though Morrowind is quite an old game. The idea is, you can create any adventure you like, the community toolset available being quite large. Whenever you’re in the mood, you can open up the game and try a new adventure.

Ranked 3rd is Minecraft.

Whatever I say here about this game is superfluous. Although it is a title that looks like it was made 20 years ago, it has been immensely successful, thanks in part to Youtube. And Minecraft, just like Elders Scrolls, has an extremely active modder community. There’s no actual objective in the game, but it’s damn fun to walk through the world of Minecraft and create various structures out of… cubes.

Coming in 2nd is World of Warcraft.

The crownless king of MMO’s is undoubtedly WoW. The game that managed to put together dozens of concepts the right way: a story well told, although not without controversy, and not least a playerbase of eight million. The principle is simple. You know when you log in, but have no idea when you’ll log out.

1st place ranking goes to Eve Online.

If WoW is the king of MMO’s in general, EVE is heading the leaderboards for most time spent. The actions unfold in real time, and you can have your ship stay in space mining your favourite asteroid. The ramifications are far deeper: social castes, cultural elements created by game, and an entire virtual world that offers tens of thousands of hours of gameplay, with a serious base of loyal players. Once you get the taste of EVE you can’t get rid of this world space simulator with political and social elements.

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