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Top 5 Most Wanted CS GO Knife Skins

by Jack Napier on May 13, 2014

Almost every gamer played Counter Strike at one point. Either for pleasure or professionally, with friends or at a LAN party game, this title is preferred by many gamers internationally, along such titles as FIFA, GTA and more recently, Minecraft. It’s an easy to understand, hard to master type of game with pseudo-realistic gameplay elements.

Valve figured out that there was little money to be made just selling the game, so they introduced weapon and knife skin models. That’s how I ended up getting the bayonet, karambit, military knife, and more recently, the huntsman knife. But it seems to me there still aren’t enough skins! Don’t you think so? If there were more models, maybe prices would have dropped, and we could have afforded getting a knife for our collection, without paying a minimum of 50 euro. So we decided to give Valve a hand by making up a Top 5 Wanted Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Knife Skins.


In 5th place: The Butterfly Knife.

It is one of the most popular and used knives in the world. Extremely difficult to master, but as deadly as any other knife. However, the animation for this skin might be something quite interesting to see during a game, moreover there are plenty of models and variations of the blade on the market that offer designers a base by which to make an in-game model.


4th place goes to: Machetes.

Not necessarily a military variation, which is too large and heavy to give a soldier a tactical advantage, but a civilian model, with a much smaller blade and an ergonomic handle. If Valve implemented such a blade in the game, it’ll look cool enough to gather players’ attention, not to mention the blade is pretty wide, offering much skinning potential.


3rd place goes to Switchblades.

As the Butterfly Knife, the Switchblade seems to be a pretty interesting choice for terrorists, being the first choice of a gangster when it comes to knives. Small, lightweight, portable and extremely dangerous, a Switchblade is the superior choice to the piece of rusty metal offered to terrorists  by default.


2nd place: Diving knifes.

Usually used by the Navy SEALS, the diving knife has much in common with the types of knives used in prisons. It’s a bit long, but much narrower compared to a traditional knife, resembling a needle more than a knife. It’s designed to be more easily handled underwater, and with little grooming, we believe that they would find their place in the arsenal of CS: GO.


1st place: The Spyderco.

With all the features of a traditional folding knife, but with a semi-round serrated blade, this knife is worth introducing into the game. These days it’s acknowledged as one of the best types of self-defense knives, and it would look good in-game, with more personality and a different aesthetic than the usual CS fare. Which is why it gets # 1.

Well, this was our top 5 most wanted CS:GO knife skins, and if you have your own suggestions, the comments section is at your disposal.

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