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Top 5 SUDA 51 games

by Jack Napier on August 1, 2014

Because I already did a review of Suda51’s Killer is Dead, I thought a top 5 of the best games my him is a good idea, one reason being that I spent many hours in his creations, and another being that many of you may not know who he is.

Goichi Suda, together with Shigeru Miyamoto, Shinji Mikami, Keiji Inafune, Hideki Kamiya, Hideo Kojima and Hironobu Sakaguchi, is among the Japanese gaming gods, these developers creating many highly memorable titles along the years.

Suda may be the youngster among them, but also the most controversial, his titles addressing extremely varied themes, reaching both the social and political side, a Suda51 title being equally critique as well as satire. So let’s list them off. In case you might want to add them to your collection, we’ve included affiliate links.

5th place goes to Lollipop Chainsaw.

I’m sure many of you have heard of this game. The first reason being, because the main character was portrayed by Jessica Nigrii around gaming conventions, and secondly because there’s a cheerleader hacking through zombies with a chainsaw.

The marketing campaign wrote itself. The target was clear. Male audience. What is interesting is that this game was taken up by girls as well, Juliet being seen by girls as a harmless stereotype, not as a stain on the face of gaming. The fact is that the game is extremely fun, the perfect combination of copping up zombies and comedic moments that make you laugh to tears at how stupid they are. Take my word, you want this game in your collection. It will make you smile more than once.

4th place belongs to Shadows of the Damned.

This game is the definition of a moving stereotype. You get a speaking revolver, a main character called Garcia, a Mexican demon hunter and a whole lot of crazy on the screen. And that’s just the first few minutes of play.

It’s the kind of game that doesn’t take itself too seriously, having a slight Tarantino-like approach, combining Desperado with From Dusk, resulting in a game you can hardly peel yourself away from.

The contribution of heavyweights Suda and Mikami is seen everywhere, the game featuring an explosive story with fitting gameplay and memorable scenes. It is simply a… phallic game.

3rd place belongs to Killer is Dead.

Bronze goes to Killer is Dead precisely because the story is somber and very mature, totally different from almost all of Suda’s games so far, with a little political propaganda sprinkled here and there.

However, the gameplay is also a reason for this 3rd place ranking. It is a title that you don’t play just once, keeping you very engaged as you realize what important details you missed on your first playthrough. That, or you spend your time improving your hit counter in combos.

2nd place is awarded to the duo of No More Heroes and No More Heroes 2.

Travis is the dream of every gamer. He is surrounded by beautiful and highly lethal women. The games feature a tear-drawing story, with those tears sometimes being of laughter, and a main character who often makes you wonder how he could end up as the best killer in America.

The game has elements from all eastern and western sub-cultures: otaku, geek, fan-boy – are all present. From the collection of toys to the lightsaber that Travis wields, it is all a cordial greeting from the game towards certain games or movies.

Suda51’s best game, in our humble opinions, is Killer 7.

Killer 7 is the game that put Suda on the international gaming map. The game that made him famous, if you want, but also his best game. The title follows a group of assassins, called Killer 7, all part of a single entity, Harman Smith, being manifestations of it.

The game jumps from character to character, from mission to mission, having the player slightly confused at first. I say at first, because as you advance in the story, you discover intrigues and conspiracies, with the story being turned on its head every once in a while.

What is really unique, and proof of Suda51’s genius is the gameplay. Killer 7 is an on-rail shooter… mainly.

But it brilliantly integrates other genre mechanics, being equally an adventure game and a first person shooter, forcing the player to think before they take action. It is by far the game that you need to start with if you want to experience a Suda51 title.

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