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Top 5 Zombie games

by Jack Napier on April 20, 2014

Today’s Top 5 has no pulse. This kind of material is as agile as it is dead, the characters of these games having the nasty habit of hobbling around levels and serving your cranial content with a side-dish of index fingers. Yes… we have a top 5 with zombies! Unfortunately, not all zombie games found their way here, since putting together this kind of articles requires some standards, so we took into account three things: replayability, how fun the game is and how good the gameplay is. So, without further ado, Top 5 Best Zombie Games!

Zombie #5: Dead Rising 1 and Dead Rising 2!

Although Capcom is no stranger to zombie games, with a series like Resident Evil being very well known to gamers, I’m of the opinion that Dead Rising 1 and 2 are more fun and offer more than the series mentioned earlier. Okay, before any die-hard fans chase me around town with a minigun, I would like to remind everyone that Resident Evil 5 and 6 are some pretty disappointing games, especially when comparing them to Dead Rising, which is by definition a less than serious game, which, although suffering from some clichés, makes blowing up, cutting apart, lighting on fire, stabbing or shooting zombies quite fun. Let’s face it, you can easily lose yourself for 3 hours before you realize, trying to find new ways to lay off hordes of dead brain eaters!

Zombie #4: Speaking of less-than-serious games, fourth place goes to Stubbs the Zombie.

One of those titles you play scratching your head at how strange it is while trying keep your belly from hurting due to excessive laughter. Stubbs is the embodiment of humor in a game with limb-munchers, the humorous note and arsenal enough make you giggle on and on. In this game you end up throwing Stubbs’ own spleen as a grenade, attack anything that moves, and infect everyone in your path as you laugh your ass off, and all this with a lofty aesthetic sense and a chic hat! Stubbs the Zombie is one of my favorite games and one of those games that, besides aging well, is a lot of fun and asks to be replayed a little every few years, just for that nostalgic note.

The Bronze Zombie Award goes to The Walking Dead from Tell Tale Games.

If Activision’s disaster deserves 2013’s meatball award, along with Aliens Colonial Marines, The Walking Dead is one of the best point and click adventures in the last five, if not ten years, but also a great zombie game. Sure, it’s not a Michael Bay kind of action, nor can you grind zombies by the hundreds in minutes like in other titles, but it knows how to make you feel powerless in the face of events, to highlight suspense and tension, make you face difficult choices and feel like a heel when one of your choices leads to someone’s death. Moreover, you can replay it at least two or three times without issues, being extremely fun to see how you can revise your mistakes, or what might have been!

The Silver Zombie trophy is awarded to Killing Floor!

Although many call it the poor man’s Left 4 Dead, Killing Floor is a standalone game that, even though it started out as an Unreal game-mode, has become one of the most played zombie games on the planet, with the help of the modding community, who always tinker and craft features to improve it. You get bosses, sometimes despair, sometimes survival, upgrades and a variety of game modes with which to have fun, and it’s impossible to get bored playing it. Sure, it’s a Zombie Horde Mode, but it is a good Zombie Horde Mode, and based on progression and community.

The 1st and best Zombie Game:

I think there’s not much left unsaid about the Left 4 Dead series. At the moment is the most played zombie game on the planet, so popular that there YouTube web series, fan-made alternate campaigns, each more and more innovative, a very large community people creating new skins and let’s not forget, Mutation. It’s basically the zombie game that does not end, always offering something to do, discover or experiment with. Which is also why it’s number one.

Honor calls go to Call of Duty Zombies, They Hunger and Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare.

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